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Dalian Eddytek Company Limited is focusing on the business of :     

(1) Isolation Testing on motors, generators, tranformers and coils.

(2) Vibration Analysing Systems from Offline to Online.

(3) All kinds of vibration Sensors.

(4) Civil and industrial Valves and Actuatos.

(5) Technical service including onsite training and diagonostics, calibration, repair and so on.

We also do Condition-Based Monitoring on rotation machines, our company's technical backbones have decades of experience of equipment maintenances, and electrical machines isolation testing. we had helped our customers to solve many problems of their equipments by using our providing high tech testing equipment and software in the past 11 years, we had established good relationships with our customers.

We are the exlusive agent of Schleich GmbH in Greater China, and are providing high precision and high-tech testers to world famous Motor Manufactures such as Siemens, ABB, Bombardier, and many famous motor manaufacures in China such as CSIC, Yongji Motor, Xiangtan Motor and so on.

Dalian Eddytek is the authorized agents of CTC, Microstar, Vibrant Technologies, PCB, Rockwell Automation in China too. To make sure our customers being well supported, we are not only providing the relevant products, the more important thing is that we are providing high quality technical services,  and all these are based on we have a strong team of technical engineers.

Beside the above-mentioned, we are providing all kinds of civil and industrial valves and actuator such as globe valves, butterfly valves, gate valves, check valves, safety valves, and ball valves and with hydraulic, pneumatic and electric actuators. The best awards are the succeeds of our customers, our main targets are ratifications of our customers, we are confidential to bring you bester service and products.