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Dynamic Testing Equipment - DMA
Integrated testing capabilities
The Dynamic Motor Analyzer - DMA integrate a wide range of monitoring capabilities which meet high quality standards. Designed for in-service monitoring of power circuit issues, overall motor health,load, and performance, it gives the user a comprehensive look at overall motor integrity. This instrumentwas designed for remote monitoring from the Motor Control Center (MCC) low voltage, battery operated unit, which makes it highly portable anddurable for use in tight and rugged locations.
Continuous innovation
Continual design breakthroughs demonstrate our ongoing commitment to quality, reliability,
Specifications and electrical requirements Dynamic Motor Analyzer -DMA and competitive advantage. This instrument provides data on degradation of motor performance and the effects of overheating on motor operation. Survey plant wide efficiency, determine load mismatches, oscillating load and transient peak energy. Results are immediate, showing operating efficiencies, thereby allowing the user to determine the true cost of wasted energy.
Comprehensive analysis
The Dynamic Motor Analyzer - DMA perform seven major functions to enhance a P/PM program. They identify possible power circuit problems that degrade motor health, examine overall motor powerconditions, monitor the load, observe motor performance plus estimating energy savings.
Advanced data collection and organization
Once testing is completed, results can be saved and stored for each motor. This type of documentation is critical for any maintenance program. It allows the recalling of information
for true trending capabilities. Test results are managed using standard MS Access relational database file formats. Reports can be quickly generated through the main print console, allowing operators visual confirmation of motor integrity.
The software and data transfer package enables the creation of multiple databases to organize collected data to specifications set by users. This eases communication channels by handling data in a mannerthat is useful, complete and accessible.

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